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Urgent Prayer Request for Myanmar!

Currently, the situation in Myanmar is not very good.

As a result, Pastor Thawng Kung, the chairman of Myanmar alumni, is being threatened locally.

We lost contact with Pastor Thawng Kung on March 2 (Tuesday),

and we heard short news on May 4 (Tuesday), which is almost two months later.

Below is a transcript of the message from Pastor Thawng Kung.

It is a time when we need a lot of prayer from our alumni.

Please pray for Myanmar and above all for the Taungkung Alumni President and many of our alumni in the region!



Thank you for loving and worrying about me.

I am very happy to receive your encouragement during a difficult time.

Your warm heart inspires me to face the whole world that has been given to me and my family.

As you know, the state of Myanmar is getting worse and worse.

I am doing well with God"s grace now, but since March 30th I have been hiding in my hometown and living without the Internet.

As I already mentioned, the police are looking to arrest me.

Since last night, soldiers have been shooting civilians around my house, and they continue shooting today.

At this moment, our family is safe  by God"s grace,

I hope that Almighty God will surely protect us through your endless prayers.

Now I always rely on the name of Jesus alone.

Again, I thank you for your endless love until today and ask for your continued prayer.

I will never forget your love.

If you have a good internet connection, I will definitely give you my regards.

Thank you.


Sincerely, Thawng Kung

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