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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

People of the Bible
Yemyung Graduate University educates young people with a priority towards the Bible and Faith preceding theology.
People of Jesus
Yemyung Graduate University educates people to live a Jesus-centered life on the premise that they have a God-centered faith, rather than a humanistic Christianity.
People of Ability
Yemyung Graduate University educates young people of faith (Confession of Faith) who believe that God sent His only begotten Son, and seeks to raise young people who are able to apply, manifest, and convey this confession of faith by the Holy Spirit.

Educational Objectives

Goal YGU


Training missionary pastors who are masterful in Bible

The Bible is an accurate infallible word written by God’s inspiration, and acts not only as an absolute standard for man’s salvation and life, but also as a guide for the right direction of study and education. Therefore, a pastor who is masterful in the Bible is vowed to be an able pastor.


Training missionary pastors with a biblical worldview

With a belief that the Biblical worldview can be a universal worldview of all the mankind, we will instruct pastors to testify that they are the disciples of Jesus as transformers by pioneering the universality and ability of faith and biblical worldview in diverse missionary cultures.


Training missionary pastors who are fluent in English (and in the language of the mission)

We will train students with the English language and the missionary languages freely, allowing them to become a competent missionary who is fluent in communication as a member of the international community. By doing so, we will strive to instill the necessary qualities for the leaders of world missions.


Training missionary pastors with professional qualifications

The primary focus areas of the missions are underdeveloped regions, such as Asia and Africa, where it requires a lay minister with professional qualifications such as doctors, technicians, teachers and professors. Therefore, it is necessary to nurture a mission pastor who will be able to select a missionary candidate who has professional qualifications in preference to practice ministry of service in whole.