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Yemyung Graduate Univ Library

holds books in various majors for the purpose of developing global human resources based on the world view of the Bible.

theology, leadership, psychoanalysis, social welfare specialized library

In particular, it has been characterized with a focus on Theology, Leadership, Psychoanalysis Counseling, Social welfare and is newly developing as a special library.
Our library is in a unique position in the world as we have special books on the study of "The Name of Jesus"

Library YGU

Future-oriented for the information age of the 21st century Library

In the future, we will introduce a new computerized system to build a future-oriented library corresponding to the Information Age of the 21st century.
We will also collect, organize, store, and expand various forms of materials necessary for academic research and learning activities in order to actively respond to university education and research.

Service Hours

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Services Weekday Saturday Sunday
Library 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. Closed
Reference Room 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.

Access & Privileges

Enrolled students, professors, faculty members, lecturers
Alumni (only if joined the YGU library club)
Visitors (only if received permission from the library director)

Borrow & Renew

01. Available for borrowing
A patron can directly find resources and fill out a check-out form.
  • Type of Patron
  • Students, faculty members, teaching assistants, lecturers : 7 books/10 days
  • Professors : 20 books/6 months
02. Renewal
Excluding items that have been requested by another user to be held, you may renew items only once. The due date will be extended for another loan period according to the status of the patron from the date of renewal
03. Unavailable for borrowing
valuable and rare books, reference books, serial publications, appointed books(short-term), and resources that are not available for lending designated by the library director
04. Restricted for borrowing
a student who are expected to graduate in two months, one week before final exams, stop-out/suspended/expelled students, late return, etc.


01. Loan book
Patron can return materials through the librarian at the circulation desk by the due date.
02. Immediate return
In case of leave of absence, suspension, expulsion, retirement, or plan to stay abroad(over three months), patron must return materials immediately.
03. Overdue
In case of a late return, patron will be blocked from borrowing additional materials for a specified time period. (ex) three days late → unavailable for borrowing for six days
  • If five or more materials are not returned by the due date, patron will be suspended from borrowing additional resources for 30 days.
  • If materials are not returned more than two times or over a month after the due date, patron will be blocked from borrowing additional resources for the whole semester.
04. Damage and Loss
If losing or damaging a library material beyond use, patron will be required to purchase a replacement copy (subject to library approval before purchase) and responsible for the processing charge (2,000 KRW).


If necessary, the library director can request borrowed materials to be returned.
Borrowed materials are not allowed to lend to others.
A use of the library shall be restricted in case of a late return, unauthorized transfer, or other violation matters in accordance with the library policy.