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Built upon a solid foundation of the biblical worldview,

Yemyung Graduate University established an affiliated research organization, Rhema Bible Institute, with the goal of cultivating spirituality and intelligence as well as stimulating bible study to realize the vision of national evangelism and world mission based on evangelical theology.

Rhema is

Originated from a Greek word, when the word of God lives and works with me, that is, works subjectively to me, this word is called rhema

Rhema role

Today, churches have been increasingly faced with necessity of developing Christian education resources that are doctrinally sound. In response to these demands of the times, Rhema Bible Institute has published a series of gospel books compiled with lectures and sermons of President Myung-Bhum Lee and has provided them to churches and pastors at home and abroad. In addition, the institute makes every effort to study the gospel of Jesus Name and establish a theological account of Jesus Name.