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President's Message

You, who share Jesus' vision for missions,
are the future of Yemyung Graduate University.

Welcoming remarks by the President

You, who share Jesus' vision for missions, are the future of Yemyung Graduate University.

Yemyung Graudate University was founded based on the biblical worldview, with a purpose to realize the vision of “national evangelization” and “global missionary work”. Founding upon the evangelical theology as a bona fide institution, we will cultivate missionary pastors who will contribute to Korean churches and human society through research and study of the Bible, spirituality, and knowledge.

Our school seeks to cultivate not only Christian leaders but also a leader for the society and nation in the rapidly changing 21st century world. Thus, we have expanded majors and have decided to make a great leap by changing our school’s name to Yemyung Graduate University in October 2015.

Yemyung Graduate University (formerly Yale Theological Seminary) meets its 21th year anniversary since its opening and approval by the Ministry of Education. In August 2011, we have moved our campus to Seocho-Dong, Seoul. As I watched all this process, I can assure you that Yemyung Graduate University could exist by the wishes of God. Therefore, the future direction of our school will be on a par with the fulfillment of the God’s will.

Yemyung Graduate University, at the center of the faith and theology under Jesus’s name will cultivate balanced and competent ministers, realize the vision of world mission, and is developing Servant Leadership. Furthermore, we prioritize Bible readiness, prayer training, spiritual experience, and field education for missions.

The future will demand for the leaders cultivated at Yemyung Graduate University. Jesus is calling workers to work together to accomplish this great mission vision. Yemyung Graduate University will set its mission to raise missionaries and global leaders who respond to this great vision. You, who realize the vision of Jesus, are Yemyung Graduate University

President of Yemyung Graduate University, Myung-Bhum Lee