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Chairman of the Board

Welcoming remarks by the Chairman of the Board
We warmly welcome you to join Yemyung Graduate University.

Yemyung Graduate University is an independently established university with master’s and doctoral programs that cultivate global leaders through preeminence of in-depth academic studies founded on Christian principles and values.

As the chairman of Ildong Group, I have humbly served the company that works toward an elite organization contributing to the health and happiness of humankind in fulfilling our management philosophy, “respect for humankind,” “quality management,” and “value creation.”

Upholding the will of God, Yemyung Graduate University is dedicated to respecting faculty, staff, and students, generating and preserving academic values with excellent programs and research, and producing competent and biblical models of leadership for the good of mankind.

Yemyung Graduate University will promote ongoing engagement with people’s trust and recognition and serve as an emerging center that contributes to human life and fosters people of talent who can answer the call of God.

Won Yung Yun
Chairman of the Board, Rhema School Foundation
(Chairman, Ildong Holdings Co., Ltd.)